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Happy Holi & Full Moon Eclipse

So much has changed since I wrote the last blog!

We finished renovating our bathroom and completely remodeled our kitchen - knocking down a wall to make space for a dishwasher!! I'm so grateful I'm not washing dishes by hand any more. And, I got married and had a baby (the reason for the kitchen remodel because no one wants to be washing dishes by hand with a baby).

I taught yoga up until a week before baby was born. A surprise cesarean meant I've taken a lot longer if a break from teaching than I originally planned. Which has been a blessing in disguise. As much as I didn't want any interventions during my pregnancy and labor, the universe had a different path for me. Recovery has been a daily reminder to move slowly and mindfully. Rebuilding my strength a day at a time while learning a new way of being.

Growth is complicated and often extremely uncomfortable. "You never learn on your good days" is something my grandma has said for as long as I can remember. As much as I love a good day, those hard days give me perspective and opportunities to grow and learn way more than I'd have ever chosen on my own.

This Holi I'm celebrating life's abundance and the beauty of new life. And this Full Moon Ecplise I am letting go of trying to control and trusting that I am supported and safe.

Lean into lifes challenges and learn something about yourself.

Sending you so much love!

Thanks for being here 💜

XOXO - Kaylee



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