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Yoga Movement Screen

Feel better, sleep better, live better.
Get your personalized Yoga Movement Screen today!

What is Yoga Movement Screen?

  • Developed by a team of world renowned Physical Therapists, the Yoga Movement Screen is a series of yoga asanas, or postures, that allows a trained professional (usually a Yoga teacher), certified in the Yoga Movement Screen, to determine the best yoga practice for you.

  • This personal yoga practice, designed specifically for your body, will aid in overall wellness extending to reduced pain, increased mobility, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and numerous other benefits depending on your body's specific needs.

  • As you continue to get stronger and more flexible, your personalized yoga practice will evolve and change to meet your new needs.

What Can I Expect?

  • Certified to perform the Yoga Movement Screen, Kaylee will guide you through a series of nine yoga poses.

  • Based on your experience and comfort level in each of the yoga postures, Kaylee will design your yoga practice specifically for you and your body.

  • You will begin to feel better, sleep better, and most-importantly, live better.

Practicing Yoga at Home

Contact Kaylee to schedule your Yoga Movement Screen and become a stronger you!

Call Kaylee 316.708.0393

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