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Experience Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation & Breathing Practices

New to meditation or wanting to better develop your mediation practice?


Start today with the guidance of, Kaylee, an experienced practitioner who will teach you breathing practices, or pranayama,  which will help you begin to be able to better maintain your focus and sit more comfortably during your mediations. Dedication to your meditation practice will enable you progress further in your spiritual journey.

Private and group Guided Meditations are available and will help you get in tune with your body and mind in the company of like-minded people. Whether you're a newbie or a regular practitioner, there is always a benefit to meditating with others.

Contact Kaylee of Wichita for information about Guided Meditation and how it can be incorporated into your yoga practice or as a separate skill.

Gyan Mudra

Call Kaylee 316.708.0393

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