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Meet Kaylee

Practicing yoga for over 15 years, I have completed two 200 hour yoga teacher trainings, the first in India and the most recent in the US. As a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, I am a registered RYT200 teacher with advanced level trainings.

My wide range of experiences with yoga and my own personal practice enables me to bring a depth of knowledge and authenticity into the practice for my students. I see yoga as a tool that can help us connect to our bodies, minds and soul.


I traveled to India in 2015 where I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training. There I spent 45 days in an ashram immersed in learning yoga theology and teaching techniques. What an amazing experience!

After coming back to the states, I continued growing my personal yoga practice and took another 200 hour yoga teacher training to become Yoga Alliance Certified. Since then I have continued to learn from a lineage of expert teachers and implement those teachings in my meditation practice and yoga classes. While yoga is considered by some as an exercise, I see yoga as an energy management system and a deep practice of self-care.

Kaylee Davis - Wichita's Favorite Yoga Instructor

Kaylee Davis, Licensed and Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Registered Yoga Instructor

Every student has had a different experience of the world and of their bodies, which means everyone’s yoga experience varies. Because of this I teach yoga with the aim to keep students safe and help them experience their inner magic and strength.


I started practicing yoga for my own personal curiosity and to aid in reducing my anxiety, among other things. Having experienced the immensely positive impacts of my own yoga practice, I knew that if I had these struggles then there were others who could also benefit from learning how to utilize yoga in their own lives.

If you want to learn how yoga can benefit you, hop over to the blog and join me on my yoga journey. Or, sign up for one of my classes and let your body relax, your mind expand and your soul connect.

Call Kaylee 316.708.0393

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