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Buying & Fixing a house, working in the world and Yoga off the mat

So many of you have experienced a complete altering and nearly stopping of your life recently due to to CoVid-19. My life, however, is still full on geau - I'm still going into my work place, abet wearing a mask any time I need to leave my office, I'm still in the process of fixing a house to move into it, and I'm still teaching yoga (online).

Its interesting, to say the least, watching the world shift and slow, while I'm seemingly continuing on as if nothing has changed. I know my co-workers may be feeling somewhat the same as I, this invisible thing is just hanging over our heads and we're all wondering when it's going to fall.

Surrendering and consciously bringing my attention to the present moment as often as I remember. Breathing deep into my heart, expanding beyond the tension and softening with every exhale I am able to ease my anxiety. Watch this video for an example of how to use your breath to calm your nerves.

That practice has helped me many times over and not just when it comes to work stress! It's also come in handy recently as I became a new homeowner and bought a fixer-upper....... whew. Remodeling a house is stressful enough, but when you add on top of that the stress of going to a store during this pandemic, WHEW! What were we thinking!?

Surrendering my expectations of the process has been, sometimes, a daily process. I wanted to have our bathroom re-done and walls torn down before we moved in, but now we are simply trying to get the house cleaned live-able so we can be out of our apartment sooner. I have immense gratitude for the ability to move during this time.

Along with learning what in my home needs fixing I've also been learning how to record yoga videos to post online! The first time I recorded I was MORE nervous than if I were going to be teaching students live - WTFs up with that?! The knowledge that my video would be saved online for all time, maybe... It's been a great way for me to become more confident in my teaching skills and I'm grateful that I have gotten out of my comfort zone to do something I said I was going to do.

Here is my most recent video I recorded yesterday! It is a slow conscious yoga practice to help you get the energy in your body moving and feel more grounded.

This New Moon in Taurus is really challenging me to choose how I want to live my life on and off the Yoga Mat... I'm choosing to be more conscious in everything that I do. Do you ever find yourself daydreaming or your thoughts have taken you on a crazy spiral? I know I have; my mind is very active, so choosing to be present and conscious in each moment can be challenging, but I feel so much more connected when I do.

I hope this yoga class will give you a sense of connection to your body its magical your ability to move and support you. We get to choose the energy we allow to stay in our bodies, start by becoming aware of your energy and surrender to the process.

Let me know if you've questions - You're Love and Supported Here and Always.

Xoxo - Kaylee


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