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Love & Light

Hope you are still taking care of yourself! Seems like there's always things to do and rushing about this holiday season too. Remember to take a moment (or two) for yourself to breathe into your heart center and just BE. You are a being of love and light and simply existing means you are enough; celebrate YOU every once in a while, you do so much for others.

My fiancé and I are in the process of finally remodeling our bathroom. So far we have added new tile flooring and upgraded the sink and toilet. Our next step is to paint the trim and walls and replace the bathtub surround walls with new quality panels. I expected to be done by now, but whew I underestimated the effort it truly takes to replace and upgrade an original 1940s bathroom. We are keeping the original pink tile and plan to re-grout it with some fresh white.. at some point! The patience and attention to detail are so important when installing fixtures in a home, especially plumbing ones. I am so grateful to have had my dad's guidance and support along the way to ensure there were no leaks and everything functioned properly.

Its been a wonderful learning experience and I can't help but compare the process of taking apart and repairing and rebuilding a bathroom to the process of yoga and surrendering one's tensions. We must uncover and become aware of our tensions in order to let go and surrender them to make room for new ways of being. With yoga we're continually building awareness and improving through our practice and thankfully a bathroom remodel ends... at some point!

As we go into this season of giving, remember you are a boundless source of love and light and that being grateful is a super power.

Catch me teaching in person yoga classes at Yoga Central, Thursdays at 6:30 PM at their new location, 411 N Woodlawn, Wichita, KS!!!

Sending you Love & Light & all my Gratitude, xoxo!

Before.. stay tuned for the after!


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