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The Beautiful Here & Now

Hello Love Bugs!

I am so so happy and grateful for this life right Now.

I just completed my Meditation Teacher Training level 2 today!!! I am so humbled by this experience. Never did I think I would experience such a profound change in myself simply by dedicating myself to a daily meditation practice.

Each training in my school requires a student to take on a sankalpa (a vow or promise) and I am most proud of myself for completing mine. There were a few days where I only got to sit and meditate once, but I still managed to sit everyday at least once.

My heart is full. I am about to embark on a new journey, too.

Next month (tomorrow), I am going to be closing on a house. A house that my fiance and I have literally been asking the universe for.

There will be some work required of us to make it a home. Detaching from the crazy that is buying a house has been difficult. My mind keeps wanting me to go on a roller coaster ride of we need to do this, oh no we need to do that, fuck I don't know if I have enough money for that, but, geeze, would that be nice! And around and around it goes, until I remember that I can only do so much today.

Today, this moment, is what matters. Yes, there are things in the future I must prepare for, but I must not become so preoccupied with planning for the future that I forget to live in the Here and Now!

It's so beautiful Here, Now. So, so beautiful, if you only stop take a deep breath and pay attention.

There will be many more home adventures to come. A lot of yoga, mediation and surrendering to the process to see what happens.

I'm excited to find out - how about you?


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