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At-home Yoga Journey

Yoga at home seems easy, right? You get on YouTube, look up a yoga video and whoa there's sooooo many to choose from where do you start!

You eventually choose a video, roll out your yoga mat and start practicing. Ten minutes into the class the teacher starts teaching an advanced pose that you've never done before and it just get harder from there. . . Back to the search you go for a different yoga video.

If that sounds similar to your at home yoga journey, I sympathize with you. I've been there, I still watch yoga videos, but I've had a lot of in-person yoga training. It wasn't until I went through yoga teacher trainings that I realized I'd been doing many of my yoga poses wrong - for years! That's a scary thought because I had been to studios too and no one had ever corrected my alignment.

The beauty of being human is while we are made of the same stuff, each and everyone of our alignments is different, we are shaped differently!

The danger of practicing yoga without this knowledge of alignment means you could be hurting yourself trying to do a pose that your body shouldn't physically be doing. I don't say this to scare you, I say it to make you aware.

The first step to being aware during your yoga practice - breathe. Pay attention to your breath, are you holding your breath, are you breathing really heavy? Tune into your breath and through that connect to your bodies sensations.

As a yoga teacher I want to keep my students safe and offer them an experience of themselves. So we use the breath as a guide to help us find a place of balance in each pose.

I can help you find a place of balance in your yoga journey. If you need guidance and want to keep yourself safe during your yoga practice, but don't want to go to a studio, I can come to you!

Send me a message at or fill out this form here!



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