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Why Practice Yoga?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to practice yoga. For some yoga is purely an exercise that allows them to stay fit, and is a trend that comes with cute clothes and fun Instagram photos. While there is nothing wrong with practicing yoga as simply an exercise, for others yoga is a way of life that has a long tradition and holds a sacred space in their spiritual journey.

I fall into the latter category. Practicing yoga for me is a way of life. I find connection and purpose by utilizing the tools I've learned to support myself throughout my daily life, not just when I roll out my yoga mat. Finding purpose through my yoga practice hasn't been easy, but I am proud to say that I continue to grow and glow each and every day. Everyone's yoga practice is unique and everyone finds and practices yoga for different reasons. Just because I go deep with my practice doesn't mean that I can't relate to someone who simply wants to practice yoga to stay fit - It definitely has helped me stay fit (mind & body)!

So for arguments sake, why not practice yoga and see what there is to learn on the way down to touching your toes? It might just change your life, but don't be scared I'll be here to help you along the way!

I'd love to know why you practice yoga, let me know!


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